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Address: Room 1801, Building 2, No. 530 ,Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu, China

Phone: +86 28 65734888


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Located on a peaceful beach near the fishing village of Khao Takiab, the Kundala Beach Resort is a small, exclusive retreat unlike anywhere else in Hua Hin.

Swim among tropical fish among the coral reef in our aquarium swimming pool. Relax and pamper yourself at the in-pool bar with superb refreshments.

Dip yourself in the hot onsen pool amidst the tropical garden in a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy our simple yet elegant beachfront garden while dining under the stars with the soft sound of the waves coming ashore.

With limited guest rooms and suites, some with their own pool and spa, you are ensured of the utmost in comfort and a welcoming experience unique to each room.

Each unit was designed for you to engage the senses with unique amenities and luxurious facilities that are second to none.

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