Banyan Tree Group

Address: 211 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, Singapore 588182, SG

Phone: +65 6849 5888

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How do you capture the singularity of the Banyan Tree experience? It’s the quiet pause in the heady rush of a metropolis; the feeling of coming home on the remote sands of an isle in a crystalline sea; the gentle ripple breaking the surface of a pool in the shade of a magnificent tree. It’s a deep exhale that melts the world away and brings the present into focus.

Wherever we go, wherever we are — these moments make us.

For thousands of years, the banyan tree has been the sacred centre of many Asian villages, a shelter for weary travellers seeking refuge and sanctuary in the company of fellow wanderers. This is the inspiration that birthed our brand in 1994 — a pioneer in naturally luxurious and ecologically sensitive hospitality.

Every Sanctuary for the Senses that we create is infused with a distinctly restorative energy for mind, body and spirit. Located in awe-inspiring places around the world, each carries its own intimate sense of place, inviting you to immerse yourself in the exceptional experiences that make life beautiful.

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