United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Address: P.O. Box 94449, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +971 2 505 5555

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At the heart of our business is the importance we place on the experiences of the travelers passing through our terminals.

Helping to connect people and places is what we do best. As a base for over 41 airlines currently flying to and from more than 103 cities in over 54 countries, our objective at Abu Dhabi International Airport is to make passenger journeys smoother, safer and more enjoyable.

By adopting the latest technological advancements, upholding the strictest international safety standards and never forgetting the importance of warmth and service, we know this is achievable.

Located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and operated by Abu Dhabi Airports since 2006, our airport runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As part of our master expansion strategy to accommodate growing passenger numbers, significant projects have been recently completed and others still underway set to turn Abu Dhabi International Airport into a leading gateway connecting east and west.