Paul Pairet, Ultra Violet Shanghai China


Born and trained in France, Paul Pairet first came of notice in 1998 at Paris’s Cafe Mosaic, where the influences of his wandering career began to crystallize into a not-so-French style all his own.

Pairet travelled the wide world – Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jakarta, and Istanbul – before landing in Shanghai in 2005 to open Jade on 36 of Shangri-La.

The smells, textures, aromas and flavours of his travels have inspired and rooted his very distinctive style of cuisine, leaving behind a lasting impression, critics struggling for words and diners for encore. In three short years, Jade on 36 stood out from the “hotel restaurant” crowd to stake out an international reputation for sophisticated, avant-garde cuisine in Asia, and became a destination in itself.


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