The annual NOW Travel Asia Awards, by NOW Travel Asia Magazine, has been celebrating service excellence across all sectors of the travel industry in the region of Asia-Pacific and the great Middle East since 2012. Our increasing number of online readers cast their votes through www.nowtravelasiaawards.com every year for their most favorite destinations, luxury niche hotels, airlines, restaurants, and also the great people of tourism industry. In 2014, NOW Travel Asia Awards continues its recognition towards luxury hotels, resorts, and Hotel Groups. Winners of the awards will be announced and presented with their recognition at the NOW Travel Asia Awards Gala Ceremony. To avoid missing out, please reserve the seats in advance. The awards annual e-brochure and ultimate hotel guide are distributed on an annual basis to promote all participants on the global front. Readers of both printed and online platform, subscribers, travel agents, tour operators and hotel guests use these as a guideline to book luxury accommodations.This year concept, “The Luxury Journey to Asia”, is derived from our identity as the preeminent travel magazine design for your luxury lifestyle which redefines luxury travel, including 5 star hotels, impressive design hotels, special cuisines, Michelin star chefs, and personalized travel services across Asia.


”Asia is a destination for you to discover”
Asia is truly the world’s destination. The images of undeveloped regions are the past. Asia has been developing its culture alongside modern technology and systematic management, leading to a highly developed economy and society. NOW Travel Asia tries to show the abundance, novelty, and exoticness of every country in Asia to the eyes of Westerners through our insightful contents, and especially the NOW Travel Asia Awards2014. We want to show the success of Asia’s travel industry, the influences of the people in the industry, the value of our prestigious awards, and the competency of our dedicated team, all of which reflect the idea and the demand for the new standard of luxury travel.


MOOD & TONE: Black & gold represent Asia as the destination for an exploration of experiences.


DATE: 4th December 2014


VENUE: Pathumwan princess hotel Bangkok, Thailand


RSVP: nowtravelasiaawards2014@gmail.com