Tate Dining Room & Bar, Hong Kong

Vicky Lau

Address: 210 Hollywood Road Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2555 2172

E-mail: info@tate.com.hk

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Chef-proprietor Vicky Lau is a woman of few words, but through cooking, she expresses her deepest emotions, curiosity and wildest imaginations. From an artistic background led a path to cuisine, realising the plate to be a canvas for her artistic intuition. Driven by the search for perfection in all aspects of her work, she is on a permanent quest to discover and reimagine new flavours and textures that result in gustatory revelation.

Within a short period, Vicky has established herself to be a veteran of the industry, most notably earning Asia’s Best Female Chef 2015, maintaining 1 Michelin Star since opening and rising to 2 stars in 2021, while also being a member of the Relais & Châteaux properties.