Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei

Address: 201 Tun Hwa South Road, Section 2, Taipei 10675 Taiwan

Phone: +886 2378 8888

E-mail: Taipei@shangri-la.com

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When you arrive at your room, you are immediately impressed. The décor is a mix of Eastern and Western touches, with artworks inspired by classical Sung Dynasty pieces. The view is as enthralling as expected. From the top of 43 storeys you can see the full glory of the dazzling city. The renowned Taipei 101 tower soars magnificently before you.


A unique feature of the hotel is its spectacular rooftop pool, which also has panoramic views of Taipei. You take a dip in the refreshing waters, enjoying the view from a high rooftop swimming pool in Taipei.


You head to Lobby Court to unwind and relax with one of the bar’s signature gin cocktails while enjoying a live music performance. You may also choose to enjoy your time with impeccable city view at Marco Polo Lounge where also serves exquisite high tea and creative cocktails.


Tomorrow, you will head out to visit Taiwan’s charming attractions, such as the National Palace Museum, which boasts 1000 year old Chinese treasures, the famous Shilin Night Market and Ningxia Night Market, historical-representative landmark C.K.S. Memorial Hall. You can also visit the shopping areas, including Ximending and Zhongxiao, where you will feel the vibrancy of the city.


Tonight, you are content to kick back with a leisurely drink while enjoying soothing music. You let the feeling of absolute serenity envelope you here at Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, your very own haven in the city.