Ultra Violet Shanghai, China

Paul Pairet

Address: Waitan, Huangpu, Shanghai, China

E-mail: info@uvbypp.cc

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In 2008, Pairet left Jade on 36 to join the VOL Group at the heritage Bund 18 building. In opening Mr & Mrs Bund , a very French “modern eatery”, Pairet has tailored a populist concept based on sharing simple and well-executed dishes.

It is French, in the way the man is French: born, travelled, globally stamped, stubbornly perfectionist.

Launching the long-anticipated Ultraviolet in May 2012 after conceiving for over 15 years, Pairet returns to his author’s cuisine. A 20-course meal lends to a blend of experimentation and comfort, of avant-garde and simplicity.