Address: 7 Nimmanhaemin Road,Soi 5, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand

Phone: +66 52 064 855, +66 64 493 9595


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Experience the Hotel Extraordinaire at NIMANO SUITES
The Rising Design Hotel in Chiangmai, Thailand – The Treasure of Nimmanhaemin


Located on Nimmanhaemin Soi 5, NIMANO SUITES is the brand-new design hotel in the hottest tourist destination in Chiangmai. The newly constructed building is the first and the only hotel to utilize advanced modular construction in Thailand, creating the unique modern arches design with a strong Italian accent. Striking white arch façade becomes the defining design feature of NIMANO SUITES that separates the hotel from the ordinaries. The lush green garden complements the clean white exterior with an iconic 3 century-old olive tree, the symbol of luck and positivity, welcoming all guests by the entrance. The interior seamlessly blends bright white tone to elegant rose-gold. Meaningful curves soften the classy, yet welcoming, lobby design while the luxurious European furniture and décor stands out against white walls with marble and gold surfaces. NIMANO SUITES perfectly caters to every travel needs, whether you are on a family vacation, a honeymoon, or a solo getaway. It’s time to loosen up and enjoy a great stay with thoughtfully designed Instagram corners at NIMANO SUITES, one of the most unique design hotels in Asia!

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