South Korea

Incheon International Airport

Address: 272 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Phone: +82 1577 2600

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The airport is not just a space where aircrafts land and take off, but instead is transforming into a high-value business in distribution, culture, tourism , and commercial areas, which is why countries all around the world are strategically developing airports. Incheon International Airport also is pursuing the development of Airport City with the goal of being a representative tourism and business hub in northeast Asia.

For Airport City development, we are operating properties including International Business Area(IBC-I) stage-1, Runway 5 area(golf course) and currently are pursuing additional investment for International Business Area(IBC-I) stage-2, International Business Area(IBC-II) and BC-III area. Through developing the surrounding areas in connection with airport, we not only strengthen airport support capacity but also create new demands that will further contribute to the national and local development.