Vicky Lau

Vicky Lau

Tate Dining Room & Bar, Hong Kong

Address: 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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A true maverick, Vicky Lau graduated with a degree in Graphic Communications from New York University, but what started out as a recreational excursion would later set her on a path to pursue her desire of creating meals with the theme of “Edible Stories”. She discovered food to be a strong platform for both artistic expression and creative intuition.

She followed her Grand Diplôme with an apprenticeship at Cépage, where she gained a strong reputation as one of Hong Kong’s rising chefs.

Emboldened by her passion and encouraged by her peers she opened the Tate Dining Room and Bar, where she blends her appreciation for the culinary arts, her design sensibilities and an infusion of her personality and inspirations to boldly explore culinary expressionism.