Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport transformed the earlier bureaucratic airport structure into an enterprise run by the government on 1 November 2010. This was not only an opportunity for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to reborn, but al also presented a historic significance for Taiwan terminal development and operation. At this historic moment, interface integration has faced difficulties and challenges; fortunately, all employees worked as one to overcome these challenges, and established the foundation of enterprise innovation.

In 2013, another milestone of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was the completion of T1 renovation project.

The T1 renovation project was supervised by the Japanese architect Norihiko Dan, who designed a smooth curved roof to be imposed on the original terminal building, bringing natural light into the interior and adding an area of 13,000 square meters for the installation of duty free shops and F&B options. The renovation project elevates the overall service standards and the passenger capacity of T1 from 12 million to 15 million.

Taoyuan International Airport Company released its new CIS system in 2013. The new TTIA CIS is based on four T themes: Taiwan Taoyuan, Transfer, Transform, and Touching. The four Ts are linked together to create a new logo ‘Connecting the World with Heart’ that delivers the hub image and future vision of TTIA.

In the airport service quality survey of 2015, TTIA was ranked NO. 2 among airports size 25 to 40 million passengers. Furthermore, for the prestigious Skytrax World Airport Awards, TTIA won the 3rd Place in the World’s Best Airport size 30-40 million passengers, and TTIA was on the top 10 list of The World’s Best Airport Staff and Best Airport Staff in Asia. The rankings clearly demonstrate that the airport’s sincere efforts to raise service quality have earned international recognition.

TTIA’s 2015 passenger volume reached 38.47 million, growing 7.45% in comparison with the figure of 2014. Facing the fierce service quality competition, TTIA continues to enrich passenger experiences by unfolding hardware and software upgrade projects, and T3 detail design; all these efforts aim at giving international passengers attentive services.