Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group

Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group

Address: Room 1801, Building 2, No. 530 ,Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu, China

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Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group is from French expression. “Paxton”, which is derived from Latin archaism, means “Easy to live”, and Vacances become Paxton’s core concets “Natutal”, “companion”, “Elegance”, “Warm”, and “Unique”

Since 2010 Paxton Vacences Hotel Management Group has five hotel brands, in China, including Paxton Vacences Hotel&Resort, Paxton Park Hotels, Suiton by Paxton, Suiton by Paxton plus, and Issara by Paxton, which covered the whole gamut of hotel type, Vacation commercial and design hotel. Paxton Vacences has established Paxton House Club membership and launched strategic affiliation with several international exchange platform, exchanging the room resources of more than 100 countries, nearly 8000 properties