15 Years of Celebration & Unveiling of our Newest Product


In celebration of Divana’s 15-year Anniversary, we are cordially inviting you the launch of “The Oriental Obsession, Raya Vedic Rose Celebration”, Unveils the Raya Vedic Rose collections that draws inspiration from the passion of love. Four renowned international beauty queens are present to this glamorous event as we give our deepest appreciation for reaching 1,000,000 customers whom supported Divana’s products & services and recognition more than thousand awards from locally and abroad. The event will be held on Wednesday, 8th of February 2017 at the Emporium Shopping Complex.

Mr. Pattanapong Ranuraksa, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder said that the achievement 15 years anniversary is from the continuous philosophy of “humility and reverence for nature” to see the use of natural ingredients such as herbs, plants and natural essential oils utilize for body therapy that made us stand out to different award winning bodies such as Best Day Spa in Asia for the year 2007; Asia Spa, Best Day Spa of the Year for the year 2013 from Asia Spa Awards; Best Luxury Wellness Spa for the year 2013 at the World Luxury Spa Awards; Best Day Spa in Thailand in 2014 from Lonely Planet Traveler; Prime Minister’s Award and Expert for the year 2015 from the Ministry of Commerce (DITP, Thailand), Good Design Award for the year 2015 from Gmark in Japan and in this 15th anniversary, has been celebrated with the new Raya Vedic Rose Collection.

” Natural ” and ” Wisdom of the East ” 2 important aspects in our seamlessly good philosophy, to create a product that is equal to body’s needs and retreat mind and body. Traditional Medicine – which is precious relic from the historic Indian wisdom, healing the body, mind and soul; being broadly practiced for more than 5,000 years, is one of the world’s oldest Indian holistic medicine integrated with Authentic Thai wisdom; inculcate us that our mind, body and soul interact through each other’s to complete oneself. Positive energies are sent to hearts and mind, at the same time Ayurveda is both healing and preclude. Reliability and sensible method of Ayurveda is well respect even before science exist.

Mr. Taneth Jiraswakedelok, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder said that the inspiration of the new “Raya Vedic Rose” which is one that completes the four Signature Collections of Divana is set to carry the abundance of the healing spirit brought by the abundant essence of the rose fume, symbolizing love and romance from its ancient reputation of natural perfect skin rehabilitation.

Raya Vedic Rose gives a fragrance notes of Tea Rose as a Top Note; Bulgaria Rose as a middle note while combination natural herbs Pine & Cloves on the last notes, combination of this scent results to a note that everybody would yearn for, it invokes romantic feeling that naturally acquired, romantic scent of the velvety red rose. A truly anti-aging essence delicately tones up matured skin to bring back its youthfulness and radiance and sustain eternally.”

The highlight of the 15 years anniversary event and unveiling the New Rayavedic Rose will be facilitated by the four beauty queens from four different prestigious beauty pageants in Asia such as: Ms. Treechada (Poyd) Petcharat the Miss Universe Thailand 2004; Ms. Tanaporn (Jubjib) Srivirat the Miss Thailand 2016; Ms. Aniporn (Nat) Chalermburanawong the Miss Universe Thailand 2015 & Ms. Cindy (Sirinya) Burbridge the Miss Thailand World 1996.

These empresses are the best faces to represents this event as their beauties and achievements are as beautiful as Raya Vedic Rose, before it gets over romantic, we like to highlight the singer whose voices never missed on touching listeners heart Mr. Poptorn (Tooh) Suntornyankrit the scent of rose will burst all over the event hall, while a romantic music played an impromptu painting were performed by Mr. Manoch Kittichiwan most influential water color illustrators performed together to give our most valuable guest and celebrities and icons for a lovely evening to remember.

Overall, this event was organized to experience the relaxation therapy of Divana’s hallmark massage techniques, taking care of facial skin through advance technology; let you experience the acupuncture plenty of skins benefits with the on-hand doctors skilled from the Dii Wellness Institute, and be in love again with the distinct beauty of Raya Vedic Rose.


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